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The Brotherhood Fund has been in existence for many years and we are charged with the support of many of the Community services that are run by hard working Brothers around the State. We are a 501(c)(3) Charity and that means you can deduct your “Charitable” donations from your income tax. The Lodges that are associated with Grand Lodge of New York are 501(c)(10) not for profit and cannot be used for a deduction.

MW Robert Stack had originated a “People to People” trifold and it was intended to be a short talk bulletin that Lodge Chairman could use with the permission of the Master to explain the Fund and the Charities that we support. I have changed the design slightly and it is now available. I am asking the Area Chairman & Lodge Chairman to make everyone aware of it.

I would like the original purpose to be kept and used in Lodge but also if there is an investigating team interviewing potential Candidates, it should be brought along to show the Candidate and his family of the Community involvement that we have.

The Grand Masters “Appeal” letter has been distributed and that is the spearhead of the start of this years Campaign. There will be Seminars starting to promote the Fund and to explain changes that have been made on the Donation Insert and Report forms. It is my sincere hope You will Remember the Brotherhood Fund when making your next donation.

– RW Bruce Testut, Chairman
Masonic Brotherhood Fund Committee

DeMolay marks its 99th anniversary!

From DDGM Dan Lort: Today March 18th, DeMolay marks its 99th anniversary! Congratulations! Across the world, Senior DeMolays and Masonic Brothers honored with the Legion of Honor will gather today to break bread with one another or a young man in his teens to celebrate the principles of DeMolay and this Obligitory Day.


Need programs or speakers? Many are available for the asking. Look for them on this web site. Masonic Medical Research Laboratory The Masonic Home in Utica Livingston Library & Museum MBF Chairman & Vice-Chairman E-mail us or call for information RWBruce Testut Office number-1-212-337-6652 (Lois) Fax 1-212-463-7485 Grand Lodge number 1-800-3Mason4


Written by R∴W∴Bruce Testut, Chairman

The New Campaign is under way and everyone has had a chance to see what the Donation Insert looks like, Thanks to The Grand Masters Appeal letter that went out at the end of August. The Fund is a Charity arm of the Fraternity and we have helped to raise money to help many Brothers and families in need. The Seminars have been set up and started and I know that the Area Chairman are there to show the new material and answer questions. We are working to make the system work better and save time to that end, there is a Donation link on this page and you have to remember that a $5.00 Donation is $5, $10.00 is $10 and so on. This has been a request by many of the Brothers at different Seminars and it took a while, but it is here. If you have not attended a Seminar or would like material to help with the Campaign, You should contact Lois at the Brotherhood Fund in Grand Lodge. As a reminder, The Grand Master has heard from some Brothers stating that they were ill or a family member needed help and no one from the Lodge contacted them. The answer is simple, have a relative or family member contact the Brothers Lodge Secretary and inform him, I am a Secretary of my Lodge and I would not know if a Brother needs help unless someone calls me. Once a Secretary or Master is notified he will direct the call to the proper channels.

Thank you in advance for your Donation, if you are able and understand if you can’t.

Bruce Testut Chairman


All brotherhood Chairmen…. Please make sure that  all of your members are encouraged to contribute to this very worthwhile charity! Any questions contact Region 9 Brotherhood Chairman Ronald Sinclair at ronaldsinclair87 [at] yahoo [dot] com or call 315 523-5386.

Philadelphia #916 Initiated 4 new Brothers

Philadelphia #916 Initiated 4 new Brothers last night, November 1, 2017. Bro. David Peachy, Jason Menard, Damyain George, and Matthew Currier were Initiated with WM Craig Howard in the East.  DDGM Dan Lort presented the Grand Master’s pin to the newly initiated brothers. Congratulations to our new Brothers!


Alexandria Lodge 297 turned out in force for the Harvest Dinner at Oxbow Church, Sunday, October 29, 2017. Great food and fellowship was enjoyed by all.


Br. Gary Eves gave the Middle Chamber Lecture for the Fellowcraft Degree held at Bethany Lodge 821, in Black River, Tuesday, October 24, 2017.

Two brothers JaQuan Spears (BOTTOM) and Oliver Newton (TOP) were passed to the degree of Fellowcraft at Bethany lodge 821, in Black River, on Tuesday, October 24, 2017. W. James Babcock sat in the East for the degree.


RW Steve Booth of the Queen of Sheba Lodge 226 was honored

RW Steve Booth of the Queen of Sheba Lodge 226 was honored, as the Master pro tem, at his final regular meeting on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 by members of the lodge. He had not been informed that he would be sitting in the East for his final meeting, but, in spite of that, he did and exemplary job of leading the lodge through opening, closing and regular business. Steve, a Long-time Antwerp resident and member of the Queen of Sheba Lodge, is retired and will be moving soon to his new home in Cape Cod. Members of the Lodge expressed their fond wishes to Steve for a great new life in his new home and he was given grand honors. Steve has been an indispensable member of the lodge for many years and will be missed by his lodge brothers and the members of the community of Antwerp.


RW Steve Booth was recently honored by Queen of Sheba Lodge 226, for his many years of service to the craft. He has recently retired and plans to move to Cape Cod in the near future.

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